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Understanding completion scores in Listadum

What are completion scores?

The completion score is a value between 0 and 100 that denotes how a listing follows Etsy's guidelines & recommendations, as found in the Etsy Seller Handbook, as well as e-commerce industry standards for things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Listadum performs dozens of checks on your listing images, titles, descriptions, tags, and more to create this score.

In Listadum, you can find the completion score of your listings displayed in several places:

• in the main listing dashboard

• in each product listing details page


Your goal is to get as close as possible to 100. But since it's not always possible to reach 100, you should aim to have most of your listings above 90 which is already an awesome score.

Color coding

Listadum color coding system helps you browse faster through your listings:

red (< 50) means that the listing is very much incomplete, there is a lot of work to be done in order to apply the best practices

yellow (< 80) means that the listing is incomplete, there are still some items that could be improve

green (>= 80) means that the listing is looking good, it could still be improved if under 100 but is getting close to perfect

Improving my completion scores

To improve your completion score, you can open your listing and check the Completion Score section at the top right of the page.


Additionally, each section with issues will give you recommendations on what to fix to increase your score.


In the above example in the tags section, it shows that I should be using my 13 tags and that some of the tags are single-word tags, which is not recommended, so I should re-work these keywords.

Creating new listings

Of course, the completion score tool is also available when creating a new listing from Listadum, so that you can create perfect listings immediately.

What about the Shop Critique?

The shop critique tool also displays the completion score, also known as SEO score. After signing up to Listadum, you can easily improve these scores using the listing edition tools presented above.

Looking for more?

Explore other useful ways that Listadum can help you become a successful Etsy seller.


Analyze your listings and improve them based on the Etsy Seller Handbook and e-commerce best practices.


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Track your shop performance and identify listings to double down on, and listings that need attention.


Publish content outside of Etsy to gain visibility and drive more traffic to your listings.

And more:

the shop critique tool generates reports about your store and recommendations on how to improve your listings

give access to your shop to your team

access multiple shops with a single login

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