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How can I manage multiple Etsy shops from a single place?

There are many reasons why Etsy sellers decide to open multiple shops. Many successful shop owners avoid distracting their ideal buyers with listings that don't belong in a similar product type category. Some just want to test out new waters without affecting the performance of their current shop, and others just want to run different shops to generate multiple income streams.

But wait, can you have multiple Etsy shops to begin with?

Yes, you certainly can have multiple Etsy shops! Etsy allows sellers to manage more than one shop, there is nothing in the policy against that, but you have to keep in mind that you’ll need a separate account for each shop you create. This means different email addresses, different passwords, etc.

Now owning multiple Etsy shops can quickly become a headache, due to each account being linked to its own email address. Since you can't easily switch between accounts directly from Etsy, how do people manage and monitor multiple shops?

The login dance

You have to sign out of your current shop and sign back in with a different email address to access a different shop. And unfortunately, you have to do that every time, sometimes having to re-enter login codes.

Use the official Etsy Seller app

The Etsy Seller app allows you to connect multiple accounts and switch between them, but what you can do from the mobile app is quite limited, especially when managing a large number of listings. It's a great way to manage your orders and respond to your buyers, but it's not a great place to manage your listings.

Use a different web browser

Some people use a separate web browser, one for each account, for example:

  • one web browser like Google Chrome for their main account
  • another web browser Safari for their second shop
  • etc.

Are there services that can help me manage multiple accounts in a single place?

Yes, and Listadum is the perfect place for you to manage your listings across multiple Etsy shops! After creating an account, you can easily connect to a different shop and switch between them effortlessly. Give it a try!

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