Discover the new Listadum extension for Google Chrome

Save time and sanity with bulk edit

Save time by editing multiple listings at the same time, edit product titles, descriptions, tags and more in one go instead of having to do the same action over and over.

Make managing a store with hundreds of listings simply possible.
Keep your listings consistent across your store by updating all similar listings at once.
Keep up with the latest market trends for tags and pricing.

How it works

Select one or multiple listings

From your listing manager, you can select as many listings as you want to edit. Use the filters on the left to find all the listings that needs editing. You can select all active listings or listings with specific attributes like price, tags, description etc. This is particularly helpful if you want to update sections of your shop or adjust the pricing of several listings.

Select one or multiple listings
Edit multiple listings with ease

You can edit your selected listings and apply the changes in bulk. Title, descriptions, tags, price, can be updated and added to the change queue. Our useful editing tools lets you make changes from scratch or just update certain parts of the listing. You can even search and replace certain parts of the listing like Tag, title or description.

Edit multiple listings with ease
Publish all changes

Once you are done editing your selected listings, you can press the “Publish all changes” button to apply the changes that you have made to Etsy platform. Your listings will be refreshed and updated in realtime.

Publish all changes

Looking for more?

Explore other useful ways that Listadum can help you become a successful Etsy seller.


Analyze your listings and improve them based on the Etsy Seller Handbook and e-commerce best practices.


Manage hundreds of listings with ease with powerful tools like bulk edit, the keyword explorer or listing templates.


Track your shop performance and identify listings to double down on, and listings that need attention.


Publish content outside of Etsy to gain visibility and drive more traffic to your listings.

And more:

the shop critique tool generates reports about your store and recommendations on how to improve your listings

give access to your shop to your team

access multiple shops with a single login

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Connect your Etsy store to receive personalized recommendations to improve your shop and listings, get more views, and drive more sales.