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Choose the best tags for your listings

Discovery of your listings depends on how well you choose the tags for your listings. Utilize the power of keyword explorer to get best recommendations for your Tags.

Identify best tags for your listing
Measure your tag performance based on competition
Update your tag strategy based on latest trends

How it works

Analyze your Tags

Check your listing tags for competition amongst other listings. Our Keyword explorer checks your tags against thousands of similar listings to determine the competition. Each tag is given a number on the scale of 0 to 100. The higher the number the bigger the competition. Make informed decisions for your Tags using this scale.

Analyze your Tags
Pick best tags for your listings

The Keyword explorer tool analyse each tag further to give you a detailed view. You can view total number of listings using the given keywords, overall keyword difficulty, Average daily views, Average favorites, Average price and weather or not the Tag Is long tail?

Pick best tags for your listings
Related keywords

The keyword explorer also shows you related keywords for the selected tag. You can utilize this section to pick a more suitable keyword for your listing. For example: based on the analysis “Womens bathing swimsuit” is a better tag than “women bathing suit”.

Related keywords

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