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Promote your Etsy listing and get more views

By publishing content outside of Etsy, you take your fate in your own hands and help your listings gain visibility by driving your own traffic on top of what Etsy is sending you via search.

Connect your Etsy shop to Pinterest and easily create pins from your listings.
Understand where your traffic comes as we attribute views & clicks from your pins.
Did you know that you can save on Etsy fees when driving traffic to your own shop?

What is this?

Easy Pinterest integration

Listadum already knows everything there is to know about your listings, we tell you which listings to promote in priority, and we help you create pins in seconds.

Easy Pinterest integration
One listing, many pins

By attaching pins to your listings, we can attribute views & clicks and better understand where your traffic comes from.

One listing, many pins
More views = more sales

Are you relying solely on Etsy to bring you views via search? Promoting your listings off-platform is a good way to drive more traffic to your listings on Etsy and mechanically increase your sales.

More views = more sales
Save on Etsy fees

Did you know that you can save on Etsy fees when driving traffic to your own shop? That's 5% more money in your pocket just by not relying solely on Etsy search.

Save on Etsy fees

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Explore other useful ways that Listadum can help you become a successful Etsy seller.


Analyze your listings and improve them based on the Etsy Seller Handbook and e-commerce best practices.


Manage hundreds of listings with ease with powerful tools like bulk edit, the keyword explorer or listing templates.


Track your shop performance and identify listings to double down on, and listings that need attention.


Publish content outside of Etsy to gain visibility and drive more traffic to your listings.

And more:

the shop critique tool generates reports about your store and recommendations on how to improve your listings

give access to your shop to your team

access multiple shops with a single login

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Connect your Etsy store to receive personalized recommendations to improve your shop and listings, get more views, and drive more sales.