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Monitor the performance of your shop

As your Etsy sales increase, it becomes easy to identify your top sellers. However, there are probably other listings that have potential but suffer from poor conversion. Our listing performance tools help you identify opportunities in your shop that will help you improve overall sales.

Identify top performers and listings with high potential.
Monitor engagement trends for your listings.
Optimize your listings to improve overall conversion.

How it works

Track and analyze your listings metrics

The dashboard shows you important metrics like views, daily views, sales, revenue, conversion rate, favorites, favorite ratio and age along with the engagement score. Utilize this data to make informed decisions about your listings. For example, a listing with high favorite ratio and low conversion can benefit from changing the price, or high conversion rate but low views could benefit from using ads. Listadum makes it easy to identify listings with high potential thanks to those insights.

Track and analyze your listings metrics
Engagement score

Our engagement score compares your listing performance for views and favorites against thousands of other listings based on the category and keywords you selected to give you a sense of how your listings performs on Etsy.

Engagement score
Follow trends in your data

Every day, Listadum gather more data about your Etsy shop, is able to detect trends, and let you visualize if the changes you make have an impact on your views, favorites, sales, and more.

Follow trends in your data

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Explore other useful ways that Listadum can help you become a successful Etsy seller.


Analyze your listings and improve them based on the Etsy Seller Handbook and e-commerce best practices.


Manage hundreds of listings with ease with powerful tools like bulk edit, the keyword explorer or listing templates.


Track your shop performance and identify listings to double down on, and listings that need attention.


Publish content outside of Etsy to gain visibility and drive more traffic to your listings.

And more:

the shop critique tool generates reports about your store and recommendations on how to improve your listings

give access to your shop to your team

access multiple shops with a single login

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