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How to optimize your Etsy listings for mobile?

In 2023, Etsy reported that 68% of all orders were completed on smartphones and tablets, and this does not include orders initiated on mobile devices but ultimately completed on a desktop. (source:

All that to say as an Etsy Seller, it's crucial that your listings stand out on mobile since two out of three purchases will be made there.

Let's look at the difference between desktop and mobile when finding your listing in search:

Listadum dashboard

What do we see? In a few words:

  • your product image remains the most important part of your listing: make sure it looks good on mobile and does not crop your item poorly
  • your title is a lot shorter than on a desktop: only the first 21-24 characters are displayed: make sure your top keyword appears in the first 22 characters of your title to create a confirmation for the potential buyers that your product is what they are looking for
  • reviews matter: rating is very prominent on mobile, so be sure to always provide an A+ service, and get these 5-star reviews!
  • price also matters: the price is highlighted in a different color, as always, we need to make sure the price is as attractive as possible and in line with what the potential buyers expect

You can use Listadum to help as it will show you a preview of your product on both desktop and mobile and will alert you if the first 22 characters don't contain any of your keywords, give it a try!

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