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How can I invite my team members to manage my Etsy shop?

Whether you are partnering with somebody or brought some help after your shop started growing, you may wonder how you can give your team members access to your Etsy shop.

Although Etsy lets you list your team members on your shop page, they don't provide a way for them to access your shop. The only way unfortunately is to share your login and password with them, which can be a little scary since they get access to everything: listings, financials, etc. And if you have the two-factor authentication enabled, it's even harder as you now need to share one-time passcodes.

It does not need to be that complicated.

Listadum allows you to invite your team members and let them manage your shop with you. Simply access your Team from your Shop settings and invite somebody by entering their email. After creating an account for themselves (no shop required), they will be able to manage your store directly from Listadum, without the need to access your shop on Etsy.

This feature is included in the Listadum Pro plan, as well as all shops under 100 sales under the Newbie status.

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